Unicut expand precision engineering capabilities

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In only 25 years Unicut Precision has become a market -leader in the CNC machining industry. Our reputation for quality and reliability has helped us nurture relationships with prestigious clients in the automotive and oil & gas sectors.


In an industry that is constantly changing, part of the reason for Unicut’s success has been our progressive investment policy. Founded in 1990, in a double garage in East Barnet, we started with only two CAM autos, a lathe, a centre-less grinder and a milling machine. Now, our facility contains a wealth of cutting-edge CNC equipment and our capabilities are still growing.


To fulfil new contracts, we have expanded our facilities, acquiring a new factory unit and improving our capabilities with a range of new equipment and processes. With an investment of over £1m, this expansion allows us to retain complete control over our through-flow of work and maintain the efficiency that we are known for.


The increase in space has allowed us to install a new cleaning system and plating facilities on site – a process which was previously outsourced. By bringing these processes in-house, we now have greater quality control, improved flexibility and improved lead-times, which is great news for Unicut and, more importantly, our customers.


Work on the new unit is going well and it will be fully operational by Easter, 2014.