Unicut’s Route to 100% Just In Time Efficiency

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We all know the key route to customer satisfaction takes two paths: quality and delivery. For a significant time Unicut has been consistently achieving both of these key deliverables, and from the early part of 2013 we have moved the bar even higher relating to delivery. Our objective has always been fixed at 100% on-time-delivery; however with the variables that make up precision engineering our performance, although impressive at 98%, is just not what Unicut demand of our workforce.


So, to help achieve this additional 2% improvement we have just invested in a state-of-the-art, traffic light system from PSL Datatrack to add a visual awareness to our dedicated despatch department.


The investment has not only seen a brand new dedicated inspection, packaging, storage and despatch area, but importantly the new traffic light despatch status boards. The dispatch boards enable all staff across the business to be fully aware of the progress of each job as it changes throughout the day.


The new system is providing exactly what Jason Nicholson, MD, expected and is now  propelling the business even closer towards our goal of achieving consistent on-time delivery levels of 100%: “The status boards inform the staff in the new despatch department what to prepare and package for delivery, rather than waiting for jobs to come in.”


At the point of this article being written, our new despatch department and traffic light system are on track to achieving an on-time delivery level of 100% – an impressive, market-leading figure which enforces our reliability and incredible performance as a pioneering UK subcontract manufacturer.