Sweeping Success for Unicut at MACH2016

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MACH 2016 was a sweeping success for Unicut, as our innovative conceptual stand attracted a buzz which entertained visitors and started conversations.


The stand was based around our ‘one-shot’ shooting game, designed to promote our ‘one-shot’ machining philosophy. Competition was fierce, with many people having multiple ‘goes’ and the students getting particularly competitive. Our stand was unique amongst the exhibition offerings and we believe it represented the best of what Unicut has to offer – absolute dedication to first time precision combined with the creativity and imagination that defines our approach to problem-solving.


Busy Unicut Stand at MACH 2016

Busy Unicut Stand at MACH 2016


The game was a welcome attraction for the visitors who came along to the event just to see us and caught the attention of many others too – leading to new connections and enquiries. Lots of you were interested in our Kanban and stocking arrangements as well as our design for manufacture services and it was a fantastic opportunity to discuss requirements and the advantages that Unicut could bring to the process.


We enjoyed being part of what proved to be an exciting and productive week-long exhibition, promoting our business and meeting some great people in the process.