The Unicut Philosophy to Problem Solving

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For precision engineers, attention to detail in the manufacturing process is essential to success. But the Unicut philosophy of precision goes beyond our engineering team – it’s a pioneering way of thinking that we apply to all elements of our business, from project inception to delivery.


Precise systems

Unicut’s operations are highly systematic, allowing us to accurately plan and track all elements of our business. Our dispatch system is a prime example of this approach; all items awaiting dispatch are archived and stored in our dedicated facility, after which they are scheduled for precise delivery times and tracked to their destination.




Dedication to the numbers

Precision engineering at micron-level requires decisions based on numbers. Dedication to doing business based on real facts and figures, not just estimates, is one of the reasons why Unicut stands out in the precision engineering industry. We are rigorous in the methods we use to quote for projects, ensuring we can always deliver on our promises.



Flexible approach

Our flexibility to our customers’ needs has proven time and time again to be the difference between good results and excellent results. Although not core to our business, we work with existing customers to develop assembly line solutions for a wide range of machined components. This philosophy helped us develop our business significantly in 2013, when we opened a dedicated production facility to provide Eaton with additional quality control for their expanding precision engineering requirement.



‘One Shot’ philosophy

‘One Shot’ refers to our dedication to getting it right first time, every time. Our combination of precision, dedication and flexibility gives our customers peace of mind and is what allows us to consistently deliver exceptional results and makes us one of the leading precision engineering companies in the UK.