Unicut Precision was started by business partners, Jason Nicholson & Charles Kenny, in 1990, from a double garage in East Barnet. The partners started the business with two CAM autos, a lathe, a centreless grinder and a milling machine – producing general subcontract work and high repetition turned parts.

About us

Unicut was originally formed to meet the needs of a range of sector specific UK manufacturers, who required a totally reliable precision engineering company, with capabilities of consistently producing high quality turned components. Now nearly three decades on, Unicut has developed into one of the UK’s leading subcontract precision multi-axis CNC Turning and Milling manufacturers. Today, with a global client base, including some of the highest profile blue chip brands found in a cross section of sectors, Unicut manufactures and distributes products to businesses across all markets.

Unicut remains true to its’ philosophy and commitment to supply high quality components with a rapid turnaround. The business continues to grow year on year, providing customers with an exemplary service that stands us apart from others in the industry. The work ethos that Unicut has developed is one which supports the customer right through, from ‘concept to component’. It offers cost-effective manufacturing solutions, providing the end users with a comprehensive precision engineering and assembly service – ideal for customers who need complete project management.

Our service delivery promise and quality standards have allowed Unicut to develop a strong client base outside of the UK, which now accounts for over 40% of our sales. We have strong views on delivering customer satisfaction, which underpins our customer retention levels and remarkably low churn among OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers – something everyone at Unicut is immensely proud of. We attribute this longstanding customer loyalty to the care and attention to detail that we take, and the rigorous internal quality measures that control and monitor all aspects of each project or process we undertake.

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Investment Policy
Our commitment to invest

To ensure we meet the fast turnarounds and quality ISO standards that we have become renowned for, Unicut maintains an on-going policy of investment in plant and machinery, which accounts for no less that 20% of our annual turnover. This commitment ensures that our entire CNC machine range is always of the latest specification, and provides us with the best of equipment dependability.

Having cutting edge equipment demands both experience and confidence to ensure that the 100% quality and efficiency levels that Unicut set as a standard are constantly achieved. As a result, we invest heavily in the personal development and training of our staff to ensure we deliver the best service possible, whilst maintaining the highest quality in everything we do.

It’s hard to ignore the impact we can have on the environment, particularly when using oils in the machining process. Everyone at Unicut has strong views about ‘contaminating waste materials’, and we take our responsibility very seriously. Due to this, we have recently invested in an environmentally friendly fluid filtration system that captures, cleans and recycles much of the coolant oil we use.



Unicut has a strong commitment to minimising our impact on the environment that we care about, which embraces everything we do. As an energy hungry business, we strive to reduce our power consumption by constantly updating and replacing older equipment and machinery. The benefits for Unicut fall into three categories; recycling, efficiency and quality.

(Lowering waste disposal)

Unicut has recently installed a fully automated, 13 metre long Essorage Flexiline swarf handling and coolant filtration system. The tangible results of our recycling programme can be seen in the fact that:
> We now reclaim 98% of our neat oil to re-use in our machine tools
> Reduction in neat oil purchasing by up to 700 litres per month
> We now send clean swarf for recycling, saving the need for third party cleaning

(Energy reductions)

By continually upgrading to the latest state-of-the-art machinery, we are able to undertake highly complex machining jobs on a one-hit (single process) basis. The result is that production time is improved and machine running time is significantly lowered, due to fewer breaks in production for set-up and re-calibration. Unicut also benefits from improved energy efficiency as a result of the technology and drive power used in our machines.

(Less waste)

With our advanced multi-access machines that provide a one-hit (single process) solution, Unicut has achieved a reduction in metal waste, whilst at the same time benefiting from improved production quality.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to strengthen our position in areas where we are less known and work to continually improve our status as a world class subcontractor, supporting our customers with the provision of high quality CNC Milled and Turned components.

To maintain and achieve this mission, we commit to;

• Maintaining an exemplary level of customer service and support
• Working to and where possible, in exceeding the requirements of globally recognised ISO quality standards and those of our customers
• Always providing the highest quality products possible
• Never compromising on the quality of materials purchased
• Providing customers with exceptional value
• Encouraging excellence in our workforce through motivation, training, education and allowing all employees to develop both personally and professionally