Mission Statement

Unicut’s mission is to strengthen our position in areas where we are less known and work to continually improve our status as a world class subcontractor, supporting our customers with the provision of high quality turned and mill/turned components, of up to 64mm diameter.


To maintain and achieve this mission, we commit to;


  • Maintaining an exemplary level of customer service and support
  • Working to and where possible, in exceeding the requirements of globally recognised ISO quality standards and those of our customers
  • Always providing the highest quality products possible
  • Never compromising on the quality of materials purchased
  • Providing customers with exceptional value
  • Encouraging excellence in our workforce through motivation, training, education and allowing all employees to develop both personally and professionally

Putting our customers first

To maintain the high levels of service we are known for, Unicut utilises the latest manufacturing, job progress, dispatching software and philosophies such as Kanban and JIT to guarantee that our customers always receive industry leading, unparalleled levels of service and support.