Precision Automotive Engineering

At Unicut, we supply a number of prestigious car manufacturers in the UK and international automotive sector. In such a competitive industry, optimum performance is of great importance. Manufacturers need to be certain that they use only the highest quality components in order to remain competitive. Unicut provide the precision required in the automotive industry, which is why we’re chosen to supply many top car brands with precision components on a long-term basis.


Using our cutting-edge multiaxis CNC machines and a one-hit methodology, we specialise in providing the consumer vehicle market with a wide range of precision engineered parts in high volume batches of more than 150,000 units.


We manufacture precision components for a range of automotive parts, including:



  • Engines
  • Braking systems
  • Suspension systems
  • Steering systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Fascia and cockpit components




We can also assist our clients with the assembly of more complex parts to help streamline the supply chain. Conforming to Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) guidelines, not to mention our own meticulous standards of precision, we can guarantee a flawless level of quality from the first component to the last.


At Unicut we pride ourselves on delivering excellence to all of our automotive customers.


To find out more about how our processes can help you get more from your precision engineering partner, email us or fill out our sales enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Putting our customers first

To maintain the high levels of service we are known for, Unicut utilises the latest manufacturing, job progress, dispatching software and philosophies such as Kanban and JIT to guarantee that our customers always receive industry leading, unparalleled levels of service and support.