Precision Engineering – Electronic & Telecom

Our clients in the electronics and telecommunications industries require accuracy at a micro-level. In a world that relies more and more upon information technologies, there has never been a greater demand for reliable electronic components in high volume, manufactured using cost-effective means. Unicut Precision offers both precision and high volume in all precision engineered components we manufacture and our JIT business model ensures that costs are kept as low as possible by reducing wastage.


Unicut Precision is a precision manufacturer of a wide range of parts for many applications in the telecommunication network infrastructure, including central office (CO) / telephone exchange, outside plant (OSP), Data Centres and Internet Protocol (IP) facilities. Our CNC turning centres are capable of producing components for an array of male or female connectors, available in brass, copper and invar (nickel-iron alloy).


Some examples of precision engineered components we supply for electronic and telecom applications include:


  • Coaxial RF connectors
  • DIN connectors
  • ST optical fibre connectors
  • XLR connectors


We also produce small pins with diameters from 0.8mm to critical tolerances which are vital elements in the manufacture of computers, PCBs, military missiles and satellites. Our milling centres can produce bespoke housings and enclosures for smaller assemblies.


Our strict quality control procedures ensure a premium product, helping our electronic and telecoms clients deliver robust power, signals and data without loss or decay.


Unicut delivers design and manufacturing expertise at the concept stage and our team are always on hand to discuss your specific needs. Contact us now to see how we can help.

Putting our customers first

To maintain the high levels of service we are known for, Unicut utilises the latest manufacturing, job progress, dispatching software and philosophies such as Kanban and JIT to guarantee that our customers always receive industry leading, unparalleled levels of service and support.