Precision Oil & Gas Engineering

With years of expertise manufacturing high-quality valves to critical tolerances, we have made the natural progression into the oil & gas industry. Producing valves and components for this sector is second nature for our experienced engineers. We serve all stages of the petroleum industry from exploration and drilling to pipeline transport and refinery.


With the advanced CNC milling and turning technology at our disposal and our sophisticated CAD facilities, we offer a limitless range of complex parts produced to our clients specifications. These range from valves and hydraulic lifting components to pipe connectors and fixings. Components for this sector are exposed on a daily basis to some of the most punishing environments known to man. The parts must cope with high pressures, dangerous gases and potentially harmful fluids so it is imperative that strict quality control procedures are adhered to.


To exceed the expectations of this customer base, we manufacture components from challenging materials, such as super duplex, to very tight tolerance bands and all parts undergo rigorous inspection procedures in our quality control department.


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