As a customer driven business, we constantly work as a solution provider. Therefore, we have an established and dedicated assembly department to enable Unicut to provide a complete service to our customers. Our assembly team works in a clean room environment that allows us to conduct full or sub-assembly of customer components, in an environment conducive to providing impeccable quality levels.


We have the facility to conduct back pressure and leak testing for pneumatic and hydraulic assemblies to guarantee 100% calibration levels. Additionally, we have a vast array of jigs, fixtures and testing equipment to ensure our customers’ component assemblies exceed all quality expectations.


We also provide our customers with a bagging or packaging service, to allow the products we manufacture and assemble to be delivered in standard or customer designed packaging. Unicut’s pack and dispatch resource provides a premium service to our customers, adhering to delivery times and packed appropriately as required – a complete ‘concept to component/assembly’ service.

Putting our customers first

To maintain the high levels of service we are known for, Unicut utilises the latest manufacturing, job progress, dispatching software and philosophies such as Kanban and JIT to guarantee that our customers always receive industry leading, unparalleled levels of service and support.