Fixed Head CNC Mill/Turn Centres

The quality of our CNC sliding head turning centres is complemented by a series of fixed head CNC mill/turn centres, that offer our customers parts manufacture machined on the most rigid, robust and accurate turning centres the machine tool industry has available. We have invested heavily in two Miyano BNJ42SY turning centres, a Miyano BNJ51SY, two Miyano ABX64TH2 machines and a Mazak Integrex 100IV ST turning centre.


Optimising the ‘one-hit’ (single process) machining philosophy, these high specification CNC mill/turn centres incorporate two spindles for simultaneous front and back end working, three tooling turrets with 72 tool stations, with up to 36 driven tool stations, plus 15kw motors for maximum material removal rates. Built upon the most robust base, with remarkable thermal stability, high quality surface finishes are a given. The rigid machine tool design also delivers exceptional accuracy levels that are qualified with on-machine probing and measurement of the components and cutting tools.