When second chances
aren’t acceptable,
choose Unicut

Unicut has been one of the leading UK precision engineering companies for over 25 years. As a subcontract manufacturer with high standards of quality, we produce CNC milled and turned components for clients who demand performance and quality without compromise.

Cutting edge CNC manufacturing

Unicut manufactures high quality turned components. With our cutting edge CNC machines, we can produce simple or detailed precision components with the most complex and demanding features the customer may have.

Delivery & supply chain

Unicut operate production supply philosophies such as Just-in-Time (JIT) and Kanban to ensure our customers have their parts when and where they are required. Consignment stock that can be held either at the customer facility.

Quality controlled at every stage

Having state-of-the-art machinery doesn't by itself ensure quality. Our longstanding reputation for precision and reliability. Unicut’s quality department strictly adheres to globally recognised ISO quality standards.

25+ years of experience

From 1990 to today Unicut are at the forefront of precision engineering technology. Read the Unicut hertitage story through a timeline. Case Studies provide indepth stories behind client projects.

To maintain the high levels of service we are known for, Unicut utilises the latest manufacturing, job progress, dispatching software and philosophies such as Kanban and JIT to guarantee that our customers always receive industry leading, unparalleled levels of service and support.

Sector experience


With aerospace engineering, safety and reliability are chief concerns. Our clients in the aerospace industry demand microscopic precision and stringent testing procedures.


At Unicut, we supply a number of prestigious car manufacturers in the UK and international automotive sector. In such a competitive industry, optimum performance is of great importance.


Unicut leads design and manufacturing projects, working hand in hand with household names from the pharmaceutical industry to produce oxygen taps, valves and drug delivery devices.

Electronic & Telecom

When we chose Unicut Precision as our name, we adopted a policy of delivering just that – precision. Our clients in the electronics and telecom industries require accuracy at a micro-level.

Food & Drink

In an industry as diverse as food and drink, there are limitless opportunities for manufacturers at every stage of development. With the versatility of our multiaxis CNC turning and milling systems.


Our capability for precision machining all types of materials to very high tolerances enables Unicut to meet the demands of our scientific and medical equipment clients. We manufacture and assemble all manner of scientific and medical components.